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"Back to the Beginning," a spoof on the Garden of Eden and how we would be better off nutritionally as well as healthier if we started over.


"The Day Before Christmas," a cute skit including a grouchy librarian, a woman sentenced to read to children, a jazzy Mrs. Santa Claus and tap dancing elves.

"Hats," Fats," and Tatts - A triology of one-acts to be performed either separately or together.

"Hats" is about changing times in a department store. "Fats" portrays a weight reduction group with music and dance. "Tatts" involves a young adult contemplating a tattoo and touring a parlor with her grandmother.


"Faith and Constancy" - set in late 16th century Netherlands and England - a young German nobleman's daughter falls in love with an English knight who her father doesn't feel is worthy of her family position.


"Prom Tryouts" - A high school casanova schedules 'tryouts' for his prom date. He is assisted by his long time friend and girl next door, who would rather be saving the world than dressing up.

"Ripples" - a divorce' determines her choice of whether to move forward emotionally or stay stuck in anger over her past.


"Moore with Les and Les" - a comedy set in an inefficient Washington, DC office with temporary agency employees stirring up more chaos.

Cast and Crew of Hats


*Full Synopsis and character listing available upon request

Productions | Rose's one-act play "Prom Tryouts" won the Playwrights Festival at Theatre Bristol, Bristol, VA. It was produced there in May 2012. Rose said, "The audience laughed in all the right places. The actors and theatre staff were wonderful."


Rose's one act play "Hats" and her skit "Day Before Christmas" were initially produced by the Stage of Life Players at the Johnson City Senior Citizens Center, in June 2006 and December 2007 respectively. Her skit "Back to the Beginning" was produced by Newcomers Club of Johnson City, TN in June 2006.


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