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Myrna Haight’s Creative Writing class at Rapid City High School solidified Rose’s desire to be a writer. “Mrs. Haight invited me to attend and later join the Black Hills Writers Group.” This was Rose’s first experience as a member of a writers’ guild.

Rose continued her educational journey at Dakota Wesleyan University where she learned how to become a skilled writer. She earned her cum laude Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing. Dr. Mary Weinkauf, her mentor and advisor, taught a Creative Writing class. It focused on poetry. “I contracted to write 60 poems that semester for an A. Dr. Weinkauf told the class that 40 poems would equal a C.” The class acquainted Rose with many of the forms she later embraced.

To further her civil service career, Rose received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business through Excelsior College in Albany, New York.

Her son Scott teased her that she then earned “a BA in BS!”

Additionally, Rose has a graduation certificate from the Long Ridge Writers Group’s Breaking Into Print writing course. She learned how to combine fiction and creative nonfiction techniques. The business is now known as The Institute for Writers.

Rose enrolled in several writing classes at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland She learned more about poetry, playwrighting, humor, and enjoyed a voice-over class. She even commuted during her extended office break to attend a two-week Poem-a-Day class. “What a challenge!”

Rose attended many writers’ group workshops over the years. See her navigation link to Workshops for more information.

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