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Coral Rose

"Whenever I'm against a brick wall, I remember how beautifully my favorite rose blossoms. Then I know the petals in my life definitely outweigh the thorns."
— Rose —




Author, Poet, & Playwright

Discover books of poetry, short stories, and more from award-winning author, poet, and playwright, Rose Klix. While her first love is writing poetry, Rose also compiled her delightful short stories. She wrote numerous stage plays and skits. Visit your favorite online bookseller to see her available works.

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Visit Your Favorite Online Bookseller to Buy Books by Rose

Purchasing books written by Rose is easy. Many of her publications are sold online by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million. Available Amazon books include the following:

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NFSPS Cert for Youth Programs

Awarded at the 2019 Annual Convention in Santa Fe, NM from the National Federation of Poetry Societies for assistance in encouraging youth to experience poetry.


Co-Poet Laureate Award From the Poetry Society of Tennessee

Winner of the Co-Poet Laureate Award from the Poetry Society of Tennessee (2010 & 2011)

Second Place Award From the Poetry Society of Tennessee

Placed Second in the January Poem Contest of the Poetry Society of Tennessee (2013)


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