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Rose Klix’s two Poetry Chapbooks (God, My Greatest Love, Eat, Diet, Repeat) ,and two Full Collections. (Pastiche of Poetry, Volumes I & II)

Rose’s Poetry History

Like many writers, Rose has a great knack for poetry. In 2005, she desktop published three chapbooks under the pen name C. A. Rose. She also illustrated the poems with her photographs. Later in 2012, she compiled an anniversary collection of all her poems to date — a two-volume set entitled Pastiche of Poetry. Rose then published two additional chapbooks of poetry in 2013. These publications include, God, My Greatest Love (a collection of religiously inspired poems), and Eat, Diet, Repeat (a sometimes humorous collection of food and diet-related poems).


Throughout the years, Rose has been honored by different organizations. She was once dubbed the Poet-in-Residence by a church in Greenbelt, Maryland. She had submitted a poem to each monthly newsletter. The Poetry Society of Tennessee (PST) also awarded her the honorary title of Poet Laureate from 2010 to 2011 for her efforts in organizing talented poets and founding a Northeast chapter of the organization.

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