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Click the down arrow on the above navigation bar to see the Short Stories page. There you may read the synopsis and reviews for Rose’s short story collection, My Short and Long-Stemmed Stories.


Rose plans on publishing her collection of Children’s Stories. Rose says, “I wrote several children’s stories years ago when my boys were young. I shared Little Red Paws with a local classroom at Lincoln Elementary School, in Rapid City, SD. The students then drew pictures of the story. My Grizzly Grouch story was awarded First Place at the Central States Fair in Rapid City, SD. I’d love to share the stories with more children in a read-to-me format. So I’m planning to publish a book of them myself, possibly with minimal illustration since I’m not a visual artist.”

Editing Project: My maternal grandfather Orion Wyant Swinehart, wrote several Western short stories that have never been published. I acquired them after he passed away. My mother always wanted me to ‘do something’ with them.’ So far they have been converted from his handwritten and hand-typed notebook pages to digital files. I want to gently edit them to preserve his style and sense of humor. Then I plan to publish the collection in his honor.

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