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Writing Tips

As an accomplished writer Rose partnered with Writers’ Groups to teach authors. She enjoyed attending group writing workshops and meetings. Additionally, she has been available for other writer gatherings and activities.

Check out Rose’s writing tips posted within her Blog including:

  • Marketing Is Not Optional – July 2013
  • Don’t Wait! (Experienced advice to not wait until life is ready for me to spend time writing) – July 2013
  • An Interview with my internal Gemini Twins (after receiving copies of my chapbook Eat, Diet, Repeat – July 2013
  • Why Do You Read? – June 2013
  • Why Write? – June 2013
  • Book Signing – April 2013
  • Why Write to Prompts? – April 2013
  • National Poetry Month April 2013 – Day 1
  • Toast and Roast Creative Writing – February 2013
  • Release of Pastiche of Poetry Volume I – February 2013
  • Poetry Book Release (God, My Greatest Love) January 2013
  • Time Management – January 2013
  • Poetry Forms – suggested reference – April 2010
  • Poetry Punctuation – the dash vs the ellipsis marks – April 2020
  • Poetry Punctuation – semi-colon use – April 2010
  • Computer-less – March 2010
  • Writer’s Block – February 2010
  • Pen Names – January 2010
  • Time Management for a Writer – January 2010

Rose is an Ambassador for Auto-Crit, an awesome self-editing service. Click on the link below to try this program FREE. Then come back here BEFORE subscribing and click on it again to complete your subscripton request. Rose will gratefully receive a small reward for your subscription. She says, “I love Auto-Crit, because it points out editing which I would have missed otherwise.”

Rose says, “Do you have beta readers available who are ready, willing, and educated to critique your work? No? That’s usually the case. Friends and family are not interested or not qualified for in-depth editing. Maybe, you used a paid editor, but you just can’t afford one all the time. If you choose to use AutoCrit the program is available 24/7 with writing tools and tips to point out concerns with your novel or creative nonfiction work. Let’s be successful authors!”

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