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One-Act Plays

Hats, Fats, and Tatts

This trio of Rose Klix’s plays can be performed individually or as a program of One-Act Plays.

The Hats storyline revolves around changing times in a struggling department store. The long-term clerk of the millinery department is distressed over the new management’s disregard for her traditional showcases and services. Hats was initially produced by the Stage of Life Players at the Johnson City Senior Citizens Center, TN in June 2006.

Fats portrays a weight reduction group with cute and poignant music and dance.

For Tatts, the storyline involves a young adult contemplating a tattoo and touring a parlor with her grandmother who wants her own tattoo removed.

Prom Tryouts

The main character Mitch portrays a high school Casanova and basketball star who schedules ‘tryouts’ for his prom date. He is determined to have the best-dressed female on his arm for the yearbook pictures. Deena, his reluctant assistant for the process is his longtime friend and next-door tom-boy neighbor. As an ecology activist, she would rather be saving the world than dressing up.

Rose won the privilege in May 2012 for her play to be produced at the Playwrights Festival in Theatre Bristol in Bristol, Virginia. “The audience laughed in all the right places. The actors and theatre staff were wonderful throughout the process.” Rose said.

Watch the YouTube video Prom Tryouts trailer.

Faith and Constancy

Set in the late 16th century Netherlands and England, the play is about a young German nobleman’s daughter who falls in love with an English knight. Her father rejects Sir William as unworthy of the young lady’s social and family position.

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