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174 pages of 23 past life regressions and Rose’s analyses

Synopsis: Rose wrote Past Lives Before Now as a metaphysical look at her past life regression experiences and the lessons carried forward into her current lifetime. “I’ve believed in reincarnation most, if not all, my life. The regressions showed the struggles and resolutions in previous lives. Love in all forms seemed to always be the key element, whether lacking  or in abundance.”

In exploring her spiritualism, Rose examines each of 23 of her past lives to find four levels of love (agape God’s unconditional love;  familial love from family; philia love through friendships; and eros romantic sexual love). In her analyses, Rose discovered that her known past lives that contained positive experiences in all four levels of love lived the most fulfilling lives.

“Rose bravely revealed herself as she sought answers for current problems in past lifetime experiences. The life lessons she learned from each were pinpointed and examined. The joy she experienced as she ‘floated’ makes me wish I could go ‘floating’ too.” – Ellen

“Your book inspired me to begin transcribing my own LBL (Life Between Lives) from many years ago! I continue to compliment you for getting it done and for your awareness. I loved it near the end when you commented – ‘enough of the past; time to move on.’ What a great lesson for all of us.” – Eleanor Heacock

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