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Short Stories

186 pages, 16 stories

Sixteen of Rose’s short stories are compiled into this collection from the shortest length (six words) to the longest one (24 pages).

Synopsis: Whether six words or several pages long, each of her stories capture a moment in time. Her characters experience everyday challenges and resolutions. Some stories are inspired by Rose’s own life experiences. “Whether through the loss of a loved one, bowling with Dad, being irritated by a helpful person while playing a relaxing game of solitaire, or visiting a biker bar, I created characters and situations from my own participation and observations. The shortest story was most challenging. Papa Hemingway reputedly said a story could be told in only six words.”

Reviews: My Short and Long-Stemmed Stories collection offers gentle insights into the lives of people who may seem familiar. Some of the stories, like life, make the reader ask, ‘What happens next?’ Others offer an O. Henry twist at the end. There are no thorns, just kindness, and compassion for the young and old, bowlers and bikers, whose stories make up this book. Rosemarie Shields Professor Emerita, English and Humanities, Milligan College, Tennessee.

“In my reckoning, a short story collection has three things. 1) Stories I like. 2) Stories I don’t like. 3) Stories I flat out don’t understand. Rose Klix’s My Short & Long-Stemmed Stories proved me right—in my opinion. The bulk of the stories tug at the heartstrings: children, old people, death. And the endearing birth of a son who must either ring out the old year or usher in the new one — no small decision here. Bowling should never be written about. For me, there’s no way to make it interesting. Same thing with online gambling. Don’t understand it. And don’t want to. My favorite story was the last one in the book: ‘Ridin’ Easy’. It was a great opportunity for Klix to give the reader more grit. After all, she had posted a warning that ‘uncivilized behavior’ lay just ahead. Somehow I don’t think Shooter, the Harley-riding, growling-grizzler, would say, “F*** yeah, Chief.” Although I was looking for more, the pissing contest was about as gritty as Klix got. Some of the stories ended, for me, too soon. I would’ve liked a couple more bites to round out what had been a hearty literary meal. All in all, considering the human emotion this writer can tap, the collection is worth reading. – Mary Ann Artrip, author of Rooney Boone.

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