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Awesome Review of my book

View the Awesome review for Past Lives Before Now!!

by Nwankwo GC » 15 Jun 2022, 11:33

[Following is an official review of “Past Lives Before Now” by Rose Klix.]

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4 out of 4 stars

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In Past Lives Before Now, Rose Klix offers readers a glimpse into the world of reincarnation and regression therapy. Rose is ambushed by visions; they disturb her, and she seeks to understand the entirety of those visions. At first, she doubts the Christianity of this belief in reincarnation. She turns to prayer and seeks the guidance of people more experienced than she is. When she decides to pursue the investigations of her past lives, she begins to unravel histories that she never thought existed. With the aid of regression therapy, the author is able to bend time and travel as far back as the times before the coming of Jesus Christ. She observes these lives as if she is living them. Her sessions with her medical intuitive are taped and provide vast recordings of these past memories.

The author’s soul has lived many lives, and she goes through different centuries and millennia, living through different races, cultures, civilizations, and historical moments. She even meets some people from her present life in her past lives. In one life, she is a Chinese wife, and in another, a Hispanic woman. She is also a French princess, a German ballerina, and an American soldier. Read this book to share in the bounty of experience and adventure of the author.

I love the detailed narration of this story. With each therapy session, the author provides a comprehensive account of each story and goes even further to do an in-depth analysis of her memories. A great lesson to learn from this book is that race is only an illusion and that skin colour is only skin deep; therefore, the segregation and discrimination of people based on their skin colour and physical features is absurd because, in this book, the author is a white woman who in her former lives had been a Hispanic woman, a Chinese wife and even a man from Middle Eastern Africa. The multicultural experiences in this book made it a really interesting book to read. The book also portrayed the importance of love and family.

I didn’t quite appreciate the genetic nature of the author’s visions. Sometimes, the stories sounded like they had been taken from fiction or history and forced into the context of the author’s visions. As someone who is mostly a skeptic, I feel the stories of the author’s past lives should have been more nuanced in order to be believable and sound like actual reality.

I found no grammatical errors in the book, so it is right to say that it was well written and exceptionally well edited. I rate the book four out of four stars. I didn’t remove a star because there are no errors in the book and the negative point is not enough to prompt me to deduct a star.

This book is perfect for mystics, spiritualists, and people wishing to explore reincarnation and what it really means.

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