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View of the Appalachian Mountains on top of Roan Mountain, Tennessee
Rose Klix in front of a Rhoddendron Bush on Roan Mountain, Tennessee

When she isn’t writing, Rose enjoys spending time in the mountains and hills. “I love looking up to nature even when their heights make me feel small and insignificant.” For several years, she liked spending mild winters in the Appalachian Mountains of the Tri-Cities area in Northeast Tennessee with her husband, Rob. One of her favorite places is Roan Mountain during the peak of the Rhododendron season in late June.

In 2013, she and Rob decided to take a ‘little detour’. They returned to her birth home. They remembered hiking up Harney Peak for a rugged view of the Black Hills. The couple enjoyed this particularly during several summer vacations. Rose said, “We tried moving back, but winter of 2014 changed her husband’s mind. Yay! We’re back in Tennessee! I love the Black Hills, but winter is my least favorite season.”

Rose on mountaintop in black hills SD
Rose on top of Harney Peak in the Black Hills, SD
Rose and Rob in Black Hills, SD Mountains
Rob and Rose Klix behind Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills, SD

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