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Don’t Wait!

For years, I said I’d focus more on my writing once I retire. That day came in the form of an “early out” in February 2005. At last I was able to pursue my true chosen career full time and not be a starving artist.
It felt great! I started desktop publishing. I attended workshops and writers group meetings.
I had a ton of things I’d stored up in notes and deep in my brain cells. Finally, I could focus on them.
I still have a ton of writing I’ve planned over the years. And the ideas and opportunities keep coming. They seem to multiply.
In 2009, I lost the last of my birth family – my brother and mother. Dad died in 2001. Then in September, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Boy, did that put me on notice. I doubled up my efforts. I wanted so much to leave something lasting. I feel proud of my published poetry books. But I also want to leave my prose writing in a lasting book form.
It’s now 2013, I’ve accomplished a lot, particularly poetry writing, publishing, contest entering, and finally compiling into my own books.
My health is great. I believe prevention is the only cure. I’m working hard on keeping toxins at bay, and daily I watch my nutrition. So far, so good.
If you also say, I’ll write once I retire, please heed my advice. Don’t Wait! Do what you can in your spare time. Write a few words each day. Don’t let it get piled up until you just don’t know which project to work on next.
Enjoy your writing time now. Fit it in however that works for you. But if your ambition is to write, don’t wait.

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