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Fresh Gift

            Pretend a magical power gives you a present. I imagine a royal blue wrapped box with embossed creamy roses. The satin ribbon crosses and meets under a huge multi-layered white bow with matching azure edges.

            You just blew out candles on the birthday cake. Or maybe you heaved a deep sigh, because the wedding ceremony was a success. The celebration has taken your breath away.

            One humble box is piled with all those from friends and family. Everyone tried to out-do each other by buying the most unique, expensive, appropriate presents.

            A simple gift took little thought without hours of shopping or tons of money. The contents brimmed with something you probably never think about, a necessity for every minute of each day.

            I prayed, cleared my mind, and filtered out all but clean thoughts. God filled your decorated box with fresh pure oxygen, free of toxins, void of disease, like Adam’s first breath and the air He supplied the Garden of Eden and for centuries before industry and pesticides.

            Look inside and fill your lungs to sustain life and assist healing. God’s gift is decades-long inhalation followed by a happy smile.

            Breathe deeply. Inhale His love. Exhale to release any heavy burdens. God will cleanse and recycle them into hope and peace.Image

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