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An interview with my internal Gemini twins

It’s always a thrill to receive the first shipment of new books. Eat, Diet, Repeat has a special place in my heart. This collects my poetry about eating, dieting, family influences, and food in general. I realized during the compilation of this collection that I had some influences of which I was not consciously aware.

I’m a Gemini by birth. I’ve always looked at everything with at least two perspectives. I name my internal Gemini twins, Cassie and Polly. I’m interviewing them here today.

Rose: Cassie, I see you as me pictured on the left side of the book cover. The fat twin.

Cassie: Well, that wasn’t very nice. Who are you to call me fat?

Rose: Sorry. What’s your favorite food?

Cassie: CHOCOLATE!!! I hate carrots.

Polly: Of course you do. They’re good for you.

Cassie: Well, Miss Goody Two Shoes, who asked you?

Rose: Settle down. You’ll both get a chance. Polly you are me on the cover standing on the right.

Polly: Yes. I’d just hiked up to the fire tower. It was a thrill, because most of the time I had to drag you and Cassie. So we didn’t try such things.

Rose: I do feel better when I exercise.

Polly: And eat right.

Cassie: What’s the fun in that? You keep us from socializing.

I just thought you’d like to hear for yourself Cassie and Polly’s influences on me. Thank you ladies.

If you have any questions for me, Cassie, and Polly. Let me know.

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