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Excerpt one – Like a Mother

Like a Mother
Variety Bouquet

by Rose Klix

I. Like a Mother
one rose among many plants

Myriad flowers surround a life.
Sunflower friends brighten us dawn to dusk.
Petunias, frosty survivors,
marigold mentors, lilac models
choke poor example dandelions.
One blooming rose admired the most,
not from birth, but also life-giving.
Thank you for your free guidance.

Excerpted from Pastiche of Poetry, Volume II, copyright 2012.
Poet’s comment: “This stanza from my poem Roses of Motherhood brings to mind the many mentors in my life. This Mother’s Day holiday I commemorate those ladies who helped move me forward on my life journey or blocked my erroneous path.Rose Klix

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