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Winter Poem

South Dakota Winter 2013-14

          by Rose Klix

 I lean into the wind, but

remind myself to stand tall,

square my shoulders,

step high through drifted snow piles.


Freezing is not an option.


First chance in days

to walk outside,

breathe in cold air,

exhale condensation.


Warmth rests at home.


Wait – I clear my fogged glasses

to glimpse a sparkle,

a snowflake reflection,

on the distant horizon.


My gloved hands clap.


Yes, I see it clearly,

way off, sky-high,

against the hills,

in that evergreen tree.


Hidden by gray clouds,

Spring’s arrival hovers,

melts my frozen patience

to wait two more months –


or longer?

    – January 7, 2014

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