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Zip Code Poem

I was challenged to write a poem about my zip code. The rules were simple – the first line contains the number of words in the first number, second line the number of words in the second number, etc. My zip code is 37918. So the first line contains three words, second line seven words, then nine words, one word and finally the last line is eight words. My poem totaled 28 words. Of course, your zip code would contain different numbers in each line.

I entered the following poem in the South Dakota Poetry Society (SDSPS) 39th Annual Poetry Contest. SDSPS is an affiliate of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS).  My poem won First Place! Thank you, SDSPS judges. I’m grateful to the Pasque Petals editors for publishing the contest results. I love reading through all the fellow poets’ works.

The SDSP’s blog website is The NFSPS website and links to other affiliated state societies is Check out all the opportunities to share your work.

Here’s my zip code poem:


If tall, I’d

be kind to little Paul. I’d bend,

hear child whispers in my ear, enjoy his kisses.


lift high hopes he grows kinder than me.

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