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Excerpt four – Empty Nest

Crying Rose
Red Rose in full bloom with raindrops


by Rose Klix

IV. Empty Nestfull bloom

Seeds in the wind, years and children gone,
sought their own sunshine and felt their rain.
They didn’t take root, not here, not now.
Lighthouse safe-haven perennial,
your fertilizer is tried and true.
Tenderness and training cling to them.
Sometimes they asked. Sometimes they listened.
Thank you. You knew when to let go.

Excerpted from Pastiche of Poetry, Volume II, copyright 2012.
Poet’s comment: “This stanza from my poem Roses of Motherhood brings to mind my son moving away. I continue to think about and worry about his decisions. He’s not my little boy and I know he must live his own life. It also reminds me of the times I pulled away from him and my own mother. She didn’t always agree on my choices, but always respected I had the right to make my own mistakes. We shared tears which glisten like this rose’s raindrops reflect the sunshine.” Rose Klix

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