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Excerpt three – Practicing Mother

Blossom opening

by Rose Klix

III. Practicing Mother
– an opening blossom

The shaded hues of blossoms defined
tentatively opened petals.
Study parenthood during sleepless
worry nights. Each day is a pop quiz.
Teacher, friend, guide, all this even more.
Spring and summer are gone in a flash.
Crazy world explorers seek safe shade.
Thank you for your wisdom and advice.

Excerpted from Pastiche of Poetry, Volume II, copyright 2012.
Poet’s comment: “This stanza from my poem Roses of Motherhood brings to mind the many worry lines I developed helping my son Scott grow to manhood. I still hold guilt for mistakes which prevented Erik living beyond the toddler stage. The children were not the only ones who learned and matured. I hope I was a refuge from the ‘crazy world’ sometimes.” Rose Klix

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